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Welcome to the Mizzou Paleobiology Group!

What we do?

The Paleobiology Group at the University of Missouri seeks to unravel the record of life and environments throughout Earth's rich history, focusing on research in paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, stratigraphic paleoecology and biotic interactions, and taphonomy and biogeochemistry of exceptional fossil deposits. Combining field-based approaches and advanced analytical tools, we cover an enormous breadth of geological time, with common research themes ranging from climatic events accompanying mass extinctions at the Permo-Triassic and Cretaceous-Tertiary boundaries; to understanding parasite-host interactions through the Pleistocene and disentangling longer-term paleontological trends; to scrutinizing preservational pathways from Lagerst├Ątten situated near the dawn of animal life in conjunction with modern, actualistic decay experimentation.

We have compiled details of our current and on-going research opportunities on the following pages. Please feel free to have a look around, and contact us if you are interested in joining the group! M-I-Z!